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Advanced Fertility Center of Texas is a leader in IVF treatment and fertility services in Houston. By finding the underlying causes of infertility and providing a different form of In Vitro Fertilization therapy, Advanced Fertility of Texas is the choice for you. With an amazing 78% pregnancy rate we are the leaders who rank highest among the nation. Board-certified fertility doctors with over 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to help you conceive. Thanks to our holistic approach and thorough investigation of the etiology of infertility, you receive peace of mind and success for your IVF treatment.

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Just call 713-467-4488 today and schedule your IVF treatment consultation. Conveniently located in Memorial City (off I-10 and the Beltway), The Woodlands, and College Station, we’re here to help you conceive. We look forward to meeting you. –Advanced Fertility Center of Texas

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Dr. Allon is an amazing doctor.

Jessica Y.

Advanced Fertility Center of Texas

Jessica Y.

I just wanted to be pregnant!  But I didn't want to be sent to a SPECIALIST!  I didn't want to admit something was wrong with me AND I did not want to spend a ton of money. From the moment I walked into Dr. Allon’s office, my life has changed.  I now have twin 3 year old girls and I am pregnant with twin girls again.  My physical journey was long and hard, but my emotional journey was encouraged – and so much of that is due to the staff at Dr Allon’s office. Dr. Allon is an amazing doctor.  He is extremely knowledgeable AND he cares for his patients.  It is so hard to find a doctor that exceeds in both of these areas.  From the moment, my husband and I met with him, we knew he had our best interest in mind.  Dr. Allon knew what he was talking about.  It would have been so easy for him to only be concerned with the physical side of my infertility battle, but he genuinely approached and listened to everything we wanted to talk about, emotionally and physically. After my successful pregnancy with my (now 3 year old) twins, we thought invitro in future years would come easily.  We had one failed attempt and two miscarriages.  To a woman, this hurts the heart more than it hurts our body. On more than one occasion, I came to an appointment disappointed and sad.  Most places, I would expect at least an “I am sorry” and sympathy.  At Dr. Allon’s office, I received that PLUS “Do you need a hug?” and so many other encouraging words.  Dr. Allon and his entire staff cared about me.  They knew I was the type of person that needed a hug and encouraging words.  They went...

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Advanced Fertility Center of Texas

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