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Fertility Treatments Are Never Out of Reach

At Advanced Fertility Center of Texas, our outstanding success rates and experienced staff make us a coveted location for fertility treatments for people across the nation and around the globe. We believe that exceptional treatment should be available to all couples, so we provide special accommodations for both out-of-town and international guests.  We make treatments as quick and smooth as possible, with minimal travel and disruption to your life. Our commitment to our patients make us stand out from the crowd. We utilize techniques that allow your treatment to be as comprehensive, effective, and convenient as possible with our holistic wellness center, telemedicine consultations, and minimized travel arrangements. With Advanced Fertility Center of Texas, outstanding treatments and a knowledgeable team are never far out of reach.

Fertility Treatments with Minimal Travel

Your travel plans are minimized with Advanced Fertility Center, as we provide tele-wellness consultations to check on your treatment and ensure a successful treatment. Additionally, we provide our visiting patients with the option to use their current physician in addition to the treatment they receive from us. AFCT’s exceptional staff will take care of your treatments, while your local, current physician can handle procedures such as blood work. The results will be sent to us, and travel is only required when coming for treatment. By allowing the ability to travel in small chunks, your daily life is not disrupted by the constant need to travel.  Receiving fertility treatments from one of the nation’s top facilities has never been more convenient.

Why Travel to AFCT?

Our outstanding success rates make Advanced Fertility Center of Texas a highly sought-after location for fertility treatments. We see couples from all around to make their dream of starting a family come true. When you travel to AFCT, not only will you receive outstanding treatment, you will also be visiting one of the few fertility centers in the world that provides an additional center to further your chances of a successful treatment. While Advanced Fertility Center of Texas provides you with the medical care you need, Lisanne Wellness Center enhances your treatment by providing nutrition guidance and holistic practices to maximize your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Things To do in Houston

Houston is nationally recognized for its dining, shopping, entertainment and much more. During your stay in Houston we recommended partaking in our city’s rich culture, world class museums, award winning restaurants and shopping. We love our city and we hope you will as well. Here are some our recommendations:

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