Egg Donor Program
Why do people need egg donation?

There are many different reasons a woman may turn to egg donation to get pregnant.

As women age, so do their eggs; women beyond the age of 43 are often good candidates for our donor egg program located in Houston, TX. Sometimes eggs lose their capacity to fertilize and develop at much younger ages due to premature menopause, damage by cancer chemotherapy or radiation, or other diagnosable or unknown factors.

Some women carry serious genetic diseases that they do not want to transfer to their child. In some cases, women may have low ovarian reserve, which can lead to low egg count and poor embryo quality. In these instances, using donor eggs is indicated regardless of age or any other patient history.

Sometimes eggs fail to fertilize or develop for unknown reasons, and therefore patients who have failed IVF with their own eggs may opt to enter our donor egg program.

Using an egg donor allows a woman or couple who would otherwise not be able to get pregnant to carry a baby to term that is half biologically theirs.

We take the time to get to know each patient individually and will address all of your concerns on the road to parenthood in the most compassionate manner. Please come visit us at any one of our Texas locations: Memorial City, The Woodlands, and College Station.

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