Egg Donor Program
What is egg donation?

Egg donation is a process by which infertile women and couples can use a donated egg to become pregnant through IVF. The recipient may selects an egg donor anonymously, or one known to the couple, such as a relative or a friend, or from a donor egg agency. The egg donor undergoes ovulation induction to increase egg production. When the eggs are mature, they are retrieved and fertilized with sperm, which can be from the male partner of the recipient or from a sperm donor.

Once the embryos mature, usually within 3-5 days, they are transferred to the mother’s uterus. The mother has undergone hormonal therapy to synchronize her cycle with the donor’s so that her endometrium is ready to accept the developing embryo.

A known egg donor often provides a closer sense of kinship and a deeper knowledge of the donor’s past health and lifestyle choices than an anonymous donor. If the known donor is a relative, this choice will strengthen the genetic linkage between the child and the parents.

Known donation, however, may make disclosure issues for the recipient couple more problematic. Having a known donor may also create more conflicts if issues arise during the treatment plan.

An anonymous donor allows the parents to choose a female who has committed to donate her eggs, understands the donation process, and will not seek a relationship with the child after birth. In most cases, a donor was pre-screened or has been proven to have good quality eggs, which will translate into the highest chance of pregnancy for the recipient.

If you choose an anonymous donor from our egg donation database, you can rest assured that she has completed an in-depth questionnaire about her medical, personal, and obstetrical histories. She will also have had a screening for infectious diseases, genetic abnormalities, and even a urine drug test to ensure that her donor eggs are as healthy as possible. The donor must also pass psychological testing to qualify as an appropriate candidate.

You may also choose egg donors that reside in other cities. We can usually find a location for their monitoring so that they will only need to be present at our facility during the last two days of ovarian stimulation.

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