Egg Donor Program
What can I expect?

  • First, you can expect an initial meeting with the physician, during which the necessary tests will be ordered. These tests can include Hepatitis B and C, HIV, RPR (a screening test for syphilis), TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), prolactin levels, rubella, and other tests that may be specific for you. We also may ask you to have an updated mammogram and a pap smear.
  • After the initial meeting, you’ll have a complete physical exam, as well as a request for a medical clearance for pregnancy from your primary care physician if necessary.
  • You’ll undergo a Sonohysterogram, which includes an ultrasound, along with an injection of saline into the uterus to evaluate the uterine cavity and view the ovaries for possible pathology.
  • A hysteroscopy is performed to evaluate and prepare the uterine cavity (a small instrument is placed through the cervix and into the uterus while the patient is under intravenous sedation administered by an anesthesiologist). An endometrial biopsy is also performed to increase the chance of implantation. This takes about 30 minutes.
  • We will ask your partner to undergo STD testing and a sperm analysis. If necessary, we may ask your partner to give us another sperm sample for storage.

Genetic testing plays an important role in the evaluation and screening of potential egg donors. Certain genetic testing is done routinely by Advanced Fertility Center Of Texas   on all their donors. All donors undergo cystic fibrosis screening. African American donors undergo screening for sickle cell anemia. Donors of other ethnic backgrounds may have additional testing.

You will be seen one to two weeks after the retrieval to ensure that you are recovering well. Additional office visits will be scheduled if needed.

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