Today, we want to talk about fertility treatments.

Obviously, we talk a lot about fertility around here. It’s something we’re extremely passionate about because through fertility treatments, we are able to give you hope and peace of mind.
We believe that every person deserves the best chance possible of building the family that she so desires. With that in mind, we do things differently at Advanced Fertility Center of Texas.

We take a holistic approach to fertility

While most fertility and IVF clinics focus on the medical reasons why you may be struggling with infertility, we take it several steps further and look at the whole picture. We evaluate how diet and lifestyle may be preventing you from getting pregnant. We offer a Fertile Mind Body program to help you manage the stress of infertility while undergoing fertility treatment. We offer detoxification services that rid your body of toxins and help improve fertility.

Across the country, the average IVF pregnancy success rate is 37.5%.

Through our holistic approach to fertility and IVF treatment, we are able to offer our patients a staggering 78% pregnancy success rate!
Simply by focusing on the whole picture and treating the potential underlying causes of infertility, we can more than double your chances of getting pregnant through IVF.
We have a thriving partnership with Lisanne Wellness Center, and we are able to coordinate care across facilities, so you get the most comprehensive fertility treatment available. We are the only fertility center in Houston to offer all of these treatments in one location.