Fertility Preservation: Female

Fertility preservation is a new field in reproductive medicine, and it aims to help patients reduce the effects of cancer treatments, age, endometriosis, or medical other conditions on their ability to have children.

Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer can potentially lead to infertility and ovarian failure in women, and infertility or sperm damage in men. The need for fertility preservation has increased with improving cancer treatments and increasing survival among patients.

At present, fertility preservation is discussed with patients less than 50% of the time when a diagnosis of cancer is made. Many physicians and patients are concerned that fertility preservation may lead to delays in treatment, which can affect their outcome. For this reason, many patients are not sent to a fertility specialist for counseling or fertility preservation prior to receiving chemotherapy or radiation, although the delay is minimal and unlikely to affect their outcome.

Chemotherapy agents affect dividing cells and can cause permanent damage to the ovarian follicles (eggs) and lead to premature ovarian failure and infertility. Their effects depend on the type of agents, dosage, and the age of the patient. Chemotherapy agents are often classified according to the degree of toxicity to the ovary and are ranked as high, intermediate or low/no risk.

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