Egg Preservation

Until recently, freezing a woman’s eggs was reserved mainly for young women facing infertility as a result of cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Advanced Fertility Center Texas has developed many advances in the method of freezing eggs and now this option should be available to many women would like to postpone starting their family. As companies like Facebook and Apple offer female employees a health benefit worth up to $20,000 to freeze their eggs, this would become more common as more women learn the benefits of this process.

As women reach their mid and late thirties, the number and quality of eggs drop significantly and the risk of genetic abnormalities and miscarriages increase. It is for those reasons that if women want to pursue their career or for any other reason delay child bearing, egg freezing is a great option of preserving fertility and increasing the chances of a conception.

Perhaps you were thinking about starting a family but became concerned about the economy or may be you feel insecure about the relationship. Yet, you are also worried about getting older and facing a diminished chance of pregnancy.

If this describes your circumstances, you may want to look at egg freezing as an option to give yourself time to post-pone making this important decision.

By preserving your eggs you are preserving your fertility for decades, because the eggs are the only part of woman’s reproductive system that loses its potential over time. The uterus, on the other hand, maintains its ability to carry a baby until the woman is in her sixties.

AFCT is one of the pioneers of egg freezing and uses a state of the art vitrification technique.

Furthermore, at the time when many singles and couples are uncertain about their financial future, AFCT is offering a generous discount to those who are seeking to preserve their fertility.

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