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Why Am I Not Ovulating?

Ovulation is the process that leads to fertility and is very intricate. It depends on the healthy interaction of the reproductive organs and hormone systems of both the male and the female. However, most women find themselves cursing the ovulation process at some...

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How to Increase the Health of Your Eggs for IVF Success

By the time you and your partner make the decision to pursue IVF treatments, it’s likely that you’ve already weighed all the pros and cons and learned all you possibly can about the process. IVF therapy is a complicated process in which you’ll be given a series of...

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What to eat while undergoing IVF treatment

When you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, it can seem like everything is working against you. And to some extent, this can be true.   Causes of Infertility: A lot of factors contribute to infertility, and your diet is a big part of your ability to get...

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How To Mentally Prepare For Getting Pregnant

Causes: As a society, we tend to focus on the physical aspects of trying to get pregnant, and there is no shortage of physical concerns to worry about and talk about. But the process of getting pregnant is about a lot more than just your body. It also contributes to...

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Endometriosis Awareness Month

Endometriosis Awareness Month takes place in March all across the globe. Advanced Fertility Center of Texas would like to raise endometriosis awareness as the first step to recognizing and treating this disorder. Endometriosis affects over 176 million women worldwide....

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World Cancer Day

Cancer is a global epidemic on the rise. World Cancer Day takes a positive and proactive approach by raising awareness and educating others about the disease. World Cancer Day is an initiative which the entire world can unite together in the fight against cancer. It...

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