Welcome to Advanced Fertility, A Leading Texas IVF and Infertility Clinic

Advanced Fertility Center of Texas (AFCT) has several fertility treatment centers located throughout Texas: Memorial City, The Woodlands, and College Station. We offer the most comprehensive, state of the art fertility service for both couples and individuals by providing an entire range of fertility services on-site, including artificial insemination, injectable gonadotropins, in vitro fertilization, an egg donor program, fertility preservation, genetic testing on the embryos (PGS and PGD), and surrogacy.

Our team works closely to identify and treat complex disorders associated with infertility, including severe male infertility, endocrine disorders, severe endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), or any other congenital anomaly that may require medical intervention or surgery.

Our fertility specialist, Dr Michael A. Allon, is Double Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and has been a nationally-recognized expert in his field of infertility since 1996. He has received awards of excellence in the treatment and diagnosis of PCOS. Dr Allon takes pride in an individualized, warm, and friendly approach to patient care. He has helped many patients, which has resulted in successful conception for thousands of couples from all over the world.

At the core of AFCT, we have fully accredited Reproductive Laboratories that are directed by Dr Dmitri Dozortsev, who is board certified in Embryology and Andrology. Dr Dozortsev is one of the pioneers of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and preimplantation genetics diagnosis (PGD). He established an in vitro fertilization program (IVF) at our center, which goes beyond state-of-the-art and includes the advanced techniques of egg vitrification and Same Day PGD™.

Through our national and international collaborations, we are able to transfer technology from world experts in egg vitrification and ovarian tissue transplantation to offer the most current method of fertility preservation for women undergoing cancer treatments and those who are interested in postponing childbearing.