Ovarian transposition (Oophoropexy)


What is Ovarian Transposition (Oophoropexy)?

Radiation treatment for cancer can lead to ovarian oocyte depletion and loss of ovarian function when radiation is directed at the pelvic area. The dose of radiation and the age of the patient are important factors in final ovarian function. Preservation of ovarian function can be achieved by performing a laparoscopy where the ovaries are disconnected from the uterus prior to the first radiation treatment and repositioned higher up and to one side in the abdominal cavity away from the radiation field reducing exposure to radiation.

Fertility preservation success varies widely depending on the impact of radiation, compromise of the blood supply and whether concomitant chemotherapy is used. However, spontaneous pregnancies are rare and other methods, like In Vitro fertilization (IVF), are extremely difficult but possible.

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